MasterMind Shroomicorns

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MasterMind Shroomicorns are a delicious milk chocolate snack infused with the plentiful benefits of psilocybin. Made with real, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and MasterMind’s premium Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom blend, these Shroomicorn chocolates are an easy and consistent way to dose your magic mushrooms. Perfect for beginners, Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms provide a light, yet immersive experience that isn’t too overhwhelming or powerful while also taking away the negative aftertaste of raw magic mushrooms. At these dosage levels, users will experience an uplifting surge of euphoria, with a case of the giggles and light sensory hallucinations. Try one piece (500mg) for a heavier micro-dose or enjoy both pieces of Shroomicorns for a light to moderate psychedelic experience.


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